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Hi There, my name is Simon Henchy.

I set up my company, Simon Henchy Systems Ltd, in May 1996 with a view to supplying DB2 performance consultancy to financial sector clients using IBM's Z/OS (OS/390) platform.

Having been in the IT industry since 1985, I have worked as a permanent employee of both Zurich Insurance and Eagle Star Insurance (before they became one!)

Since 1996 we have supplied DB2 performance tuning and stress testing consultancy to the following companies:

   Gerling Insurance (Cologne)
   Legal and General (Croydon)
   Halifax Bank (Halifax)

   HECM (Aylesbury)

   Royal and Sun Alliance (Horsham)

During this period we have worked with Industry leading consultancies such as CSC, Andersen Consulting, Triton Consulting, IT Project Solutions and Accenture.




















If your company is running on-line systems based on a Z/OS (OS/390) back-end running DB2, and if you are experiencing delays in your systems that that you suspect are due to mainframe performance problems, then we can probably help you!

If you are one of those forward thinking companies who believes in stress testing your systems before going live, again, we can probably help you!

We have experience in most of the tools being used for on-line performance tuning including record and play-back tools such as TPNS and Hiperstation.

Recently, experience has also been gained on Windows NT (including DB2 for LUW), AIX (including DB2 for LUW)  and the PC based record and play-back tool LoadRunner.
















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Phone: 01208 881375

Mobile: 07711 722622